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The Blink of an Eye

It’s 1945 and the story of one family’s war is about to begin. From the calm fields of Sweet Water, Alabama and the hell of Okinawa to the dawn of a nuclear age and its awful potential, Solly, Silace and Sky George bear witness to the brutality of war and the unleashing of a new and terrible weapon.The family upbringing of love and friendship bonds them tightly together but will it be enough on the long and uncertain road ahead.

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The Auschwitz Protocol

Retired US Detective Emil Janowitz lied to his wife for nearly forty years. Having lost his entire family whilst an inmate of Auschwitz-Birkenau it was simply easier on his soul to invent a past than face up to the demons buried deep inside. Life was good, but then the mail arrived bringing a letter which would result in a voyage of discovery, denunciation and confrontation with the past. Life is a journey, history should not be forgotten, the evil still exists.

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Into The Blue

The sleepy little town of Sweet Water, Alabama, provides the backdrop to this tale of adventure. Lincoln Beck’s avid enthusiasm for his childhood comics of space exploration fuels and guides his dream of becoming an astronaut. Supported by his best friend, Rose, he embarks upon a path to try and fulfil his vision. From the idyllic summers of their youth, together, they commence a journey that will lead them into lifelong bonds with a dopey looking wandering Bassett hound, encountered one summer, and a squad of young hopefuls from the United States Air Force basic military training ‘class of 58’. The journey is not without some rocky roads but true friendship and love light their path as Lincoln strives to accomplish the requirements needed to be considered for the Apollo space programme.

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The Architect

Eugene Kennedy has a new job. He’s to locate, capture, denounce and put to trial Nazi war criminals of the Second World War. Simple enough, one might think, but when a long-forgotten file of papers is found in the attic of a female former camp guard, the discovery of a reference to the existence of an unsigned ‘Final Order’ commanding the SS to destroy the remaining Jews in Europe leads him into the dark internet world of Neo-Nazis., the preparations made to create a Fourth Reich and a truth that shocks him and his colleagues to the core.

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The Way Home

In Sweet Water Alabama, one family has had it's fair share of war, still Christian George does his duty, like his father before him. The Vietnam War was different to other wars though, this was a war that couldn't be won, one that kept men imprisoned for years until Operation Homecoming was agreed, a programme that was designed to bring young men home from years of incarceration, their story had only just begun.

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The Belsen Files

The wartime files retrieved from the loft of a former camp guard at Belsen provide a name and a cropped photo of a meeting with Martin Bormann, Hitler's personal secretary and the second most influential man in the Nazi Party. The problem is that even the world renowned Nazi hunters, the Wiesenthal Centre, haven’t heard the name before and no one knows what its owner looked like. Trying to find the answer will take the investigators down a dark path of human experimentation, gene manipulation and the possibilities of the rise of a Fourth Reich..

About Jack
Dan Wheatcroft

Jack Carnegie has a passion for writing that began at an early age. After a childhood brought up on the streets of Liverpool where everyone has a tale to tell, it was inevitable that his upbringing would come out in one form or another.

As a young lad, he and a number of friends ventured into music, forming the bands, ‘Tested and Approved’ and ‘Gripweed’, the latter named after John Lennon’s character in the film ‘How I Won the War’. They wrote their own songs and Jack found writing lyrics came easy, although as a musician he knew he had a long way to go but it was the writing he was good at and enjoyed the most. Sadly, the world was denied the joys of Tested and Approved and Gripweed and like many aspiring bands they went their own ways, open to life catching up with them in the form of families, mortgages and 9 to 5s. But Jack never lost the love of writing and harboured an ambition for many years before summoning up the courage to write a novel. It was whilst working as a taxi driver that he wrote his first book, ‘The Blink of an Eye’.

Whilst waiting for fares on various taxi ranks or taking a break in a cafe, he scribbled the notes that he would later convert to the story of the George family and their journey from sleepy town Sweet Water, Alabama, into the nuclear age. A city break in Krakow, Poland, provided the impetus for his second book, ‘The Auschwitz Protocol’ when a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau focused his mind on the enormity of what happened there. This was followed by a sequel, ‘The Architect’ about the continuing hunt for Nazis who had escaped justice.

To date, Jack has added to these novels with two more books about the inhabitants of Sweet Water, ‘Into the Blue’, the story of a young man’s journey to fulfil a dream to become an astronaut and ‘The Way Home’ which returns us to the welcoming arms of the George family as we follow them through the trials and tribulations of the Vietnam War days.

I think it’s time I let Jack say something about himself: “As a new writer, I’ve learned a lot from a fellow author and friend. He more than anybody believed in me. The process of writing books is not easy and I don’t always get it right but my friend is a good sounding board and is not afraid to be honest. I’ve taken it all on board, from writing, proof reading and making my own book covers. I’m now building my own website. I give it everything, one hundred per cent. If you’re going to do something do it the best you can, no half measures. My goal is to become a full-time writer, my passion is historical fiction and I hope what I write does justice to the memory of those who came before us.”

Jack lives in Liverpool with his partner Carol.

Dan Wheatcroft March 2022

Hello and welcome to JackCarnegie.com, thank you to Dan for a nice write up, also to Carol who is my partner who supports me in what I do. I’d also like to mention our dog Max who sadly passed away in November of 2021 at eighteen year of age, a beautiful black Labrador that had the most wonderful temperament of all, he was and always will be my best friend. He is a character in the books and will continue to be in the future. I hope you like the books and please feel free to contact me via the links on the page I will endeavour to answer as soon as physically possible. If your into crime and espionage Dan Wheatcroft is just about as good as you can get. Link to Dan’s page below

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Dan Wheatcroft
Jack Carnegie has a passion for writing that began at an early age. After a childhood brought up on the streets of Liverpool where everyone has a tale to tell, it was inevitable that his upbringing would come out in one form or another.

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kind words from readers
Michele Berggren of Good Reads
This book was nothing short of incredible. I have read many books about the horrors of the Holocaust and in all my years of prolific reading I would rate it to be one of the most incredible Holocaust stories that I have ever read. Mr. Carnegie has written a brilliant book - the story of an Auschwitz survivor who spent his lifetime trying to deal with the horrors he faced daily and the loss of his entire family at the hands of the Nazis. The story follows a young Emil and his family through the ordeal of being delivered and processed into the camp. The circumstances of each of their deaths and his feelings of pain as he realized what was happening was positively heart wrenching and written with such effort as to not just reveal the horror, but to make crystal clear what lifelong pain and trauma was inflicted on them. Mr. Carnegie is not only an excellent writer, but an incredible historian as well. The Auschwitz Protocol is a fitting tribute to not only those whose lives were taken from them, but to those who "survived." The Auschwitz Protocol exposes readers to a very frank, heart wrenching story which I suspect will have a profound impact on their previous opinions and knowledge of the Holocaust. This book has surpassed my rating of 5 stars.
Barbara Camelford
I thought it was a well written story on a truly horrific part of human history. Once started I found impossible to put down.
Priscilla Sinclair
This book gripped you as you read it you can't wait to turn the pages to see what happens next.
Roselyn L. Obrien
An entertaining and captivating read for those who understand the loss, pain and survival of the holocaust.
Kindle Review
Wow thought the first book was good this was just as thrilling keeping the plot to the end I hope there's follow ups
Patsy Kite Good Reads
The Blink of an Eye, 2 country brothers and sister caught up in world war 2. The call to duty and experiences they both endured. A good and touching story,of all the lives they touched.
Anna Welch Amazon
This book is such a great read had trouble putting it down. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to read of the holocaust.



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